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I talk to hundreds of lawyers every year about lawyer marketing. Most lawyers are hard-pressed in reaching the volume of clients or clients they'd like in any given month. I’ve compiled this list of lawyer marketing ideas to kickstart your brainstorming process to ensure the best chance of success all year long.

#55 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

TV Advertising

For the most part. TV advertisements don't work well for lawyers in general. However, lawyers who specialize in a certain type of law tend to have much better results. Focus on a specific pain point for a certain demographic and for the best chances of success.

#54 - Lawyer Marketing Idea


Billboards aren't a good choice for all but the lawyers with the deepest pockets. However, if you're leading the charge in your market and have the marketing dollars to spare - then a billboard marketing campaign may be the next avenue to explore.

#53 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Newspaper Ads

For most lawyers, newspaper ads are a waste of time. For those who know what they are doing - they can be a constant source of new cases. Call us to to learn how successful offices utilize newspaper ads.

#52 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Office Tour

Stitch together some photos of your office using any number of online tools. Phones are powerful nowadays that investing in a simple tripod and getting the right lighting is enough to put together a professional office tour.

Check out Animoto

#51 - Lawyer Marketing Idea


Be sure your lawyer website is listed in all the relevant and reputable directories. You can assess how your competition is doing through programs such as Whitespark.

Check Out WhiteSpark

#50 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Utilize Eye-Catching Titles

Make sure your lawyer website has titles that will captivate your audience. Doing so will help differentiate you from all other sites.

#49 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one way to not only create links to your website but also expand your audience reach. However, make sure you’re following best practices.

Note This Article

#48 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Impactful Images

To increase engagement, utilize appealing images on your social media platforms and website. Shutterstock is a great way to find beautiful photos for your blogs, posts, etc.

Find Great Photos

#47 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Mobile-First Marketing

Make sure your lawyer website is responsive so that it shows up beautifully across all devices. There’s no excuse for not being able to market yourself on the device in everyone’s pockets.

#46 - Lawyer Marketing Idea


Taking pictures of your work place and creating a video can make a website go from good to professional.

Check out FlowVella

#45 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Make Office Videos

People often trust pages that are more personal. Having an office video gives potential clients a clearer idea of what you and your office are like.

#44 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Write an FAQ Page

A well put together frequently asked page is a great way to inform potential clients about what matters most to them.

#43 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Create a Sitemap

A sitemap will allow Google to easily crawl all of your pages when indexed. This will further ensure your website’s visibility.

How to Make A Sitemap

#42 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Publish an Article on Ezine

Publishing articles about the legal field and posting them on E-zine articles can potentially facilitate traffic to your site and reach new audiences.

Share on Ezine

#41 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Check your Yelp Listing

Google and Yelp are great ways to get reviews but can have negative effect if you are unsure how to properly respond to negative reviews or are wondering about their potential impact, give us a call. We have run through this issue with lawyer numerous times and can help.

#40 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Pen an Amazing Ad

Take a few hours to learn how to craft captivating ads. I made a video showing you the best way to go about this. 

#39 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Sponsor Your Community

Sponsor your local clubs or offer to have meetings in your office space. It’s a great way for people to keep your company top of mind.

Get A Sponsor

#38 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Get Active on Blogs

Read lawyer blogs and contribute with comments. Feel free to leave your two cents on our lawyer blog. 🙂

Read Our Blog

#37 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Get the Local Works with Yahoo

Make sure your firm's listing is filled out and accurate on Yahoo with their suite of tools on Localworks.

Check out Localworks

#36 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Update Bing

Make sure your business listing is filled out and accurate on Bing. It is possible for clients to also assess your website on their engine.

Check out Bing Webmaster Tools

#35 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Update Google

Make sure your firm's listing is filled out and accurate on Google. The first step is getting set up on Google My Business.

Check out Google My Business

#34 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Utilize Hootsuite

Take full control of your social media platforms with Hootsuite. This is a great way to maintain a cohesive brand in a cinch.

Check out Hootsuite

#33 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Make an Email List

Put together a list of of emails that you can stay on top of. Begin with your current clients and then start to market towards new clients that land on your site.

#32 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Focused Websites

If you specialize in other things besides for example auto injuries, such as divorce law, it may be a smart idea to create a separate website geared towards that specialization. However, this must be done correctly or else you risk ranking for either altogether.

See Example Sites

#31 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Off Site SEO

Put in the work to craft highly valued links that point back to your site. Look over this article to see how to go about the process effectively.

#30  - Lawyer Marketing Idea

On Site SEO

Examine your website and make sure every nook and cranny is optimized as well as possible. Look over this article to sharpen your skills and be able to better evaluate your website.

Optimize with Google

#29 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Informational Videos

Film YouTube clips for your clients on common questions you get come across as a lawyer. What goes around comes around - help your clients and they will make your life easier later on.

#28 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Client Reviews  

Whether in written or video form, reviews are a great way to build rapport with potential clients.

#27 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Social Platforms

There are an overwhelming array of social platforms out there. It’s worth it to spend some time with your staff to grind out profiles for as many as you can to make sure you can be easily found wherever your clients are.

#26  - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Pen an eBook

Build your credibility with an eBook. In this day and even a ghost writer is an option to help kickstart the process.

Starting an eBook

#25 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Pen a Book

Take your expertise to the next level and pen an actual book. Do you think potential clients would rather have an lawyer who has written an entire book on the subject or one who hasn’t.

How to Publish a Book

#24  - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Chamber of Commerce

Become a member of your local chamber and other similar clubs to help build your network. This is an often overlooked way to build powerful local links to your website as well.

Join Your Chamber

#23  - Lawyer Marketing Idea

An Events Calendar

No, this would not be a calendar for your usual upcoming meetings with your partners and the like. This calendar would be dedicated to planning out your marketing strategies throughout the month. A calendar is critical to staying consistent in your marketing efforts.

Create Your Calendar

#22  - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Monthly Newsletters

Newsletters come in two varieties - annoying and helpful. If done correctly they can be a tremendous source of referrals.

#21  - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Google Webmaster Tools

Keep tabs on your website’s performance. Google can also help you understand any issues you didn’t realize were affecting your website’s performance.

Set up Webmaster Tools

#20 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Google Analytics

Utilize Google Analytics in a way that allows you to learn how people are landing on your website. If you’re seeing a lot of visitors without any new leads, it may be time to pull some strings.

Set up Analytics

#19 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Pay-Per-Click Ads 

Google Adwords, or as some people like to call them - Pay-Per-Clicks ads are a useful way to attract new clients in 2019. We help numerous clients generate over 20 leads a month with this type of lawyer marketing.

Try Advertising Online

#18 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Facebook Ads

If your firm wants to increase your presence on Facebook, an ad system is a fantastic way to pull it off. However, actually gathering new clients via Facebook is a more intensive endeavor. Read our guide.

#17 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is a useful way to network with like-minded lawyers near and far. Build your network and you may learn new ways to think and go about your business.

Create Your Profile

#16 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest, like other social media platforms is a useful place to have your profile placed. However, it is more suited towards gathering ideas than gathering clients. Find more of our ideas on Pinterest.

Find Us On Pinterest

#15 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Google My Business Marketing

There are hardly any other components of digital marketing more important than Google My Business. If you are unsure how to tackle this beast - let us give you a hand.

#14 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the best way to become approachable to your potential clients and show why they should trust you. It’s also the best place to showcase any video reviews you have received or past events you have planned.

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#13 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Twitter Marketing

A Twitter account is an important account to set up as an integral piece of your digital presence. It may not be the best source of future leads but it is a great way to keep a pulse on the industry.

Find Us on Twitter

#12 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Facebook Marketing

Utilizing Facebook in the traditional sense isn’t a very fruitful prospect, but building a brand on Facebook can revolutionize your business. Call us to learn they key to building your plan and story.

Find Us On Facebook

#11  - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Lawyer Blogging

Maintain a steady stream of blogs on your website and you’ll notice a corresponding increase in traffic. Google bots love seeing fresh content on your website and prospective clients likewise love seeing a thriving business.

#10 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Referral Cards

Giving out referral cards in a strategic manner is a great way to market internally. Follow our method and reap the rewards.

#9 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Guerilla Marketing

When you don’t know else to do - hit the pavement. Read our Guerrilla Marketing Guide to find results in your area.

#8 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Convention Hopping

Conventions have also been a great place to see what others in the industry are having success with. Be sure to take every new ‘breakthrough’ strategy with a grain of salt, though.

#7 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Target a Profession Monthly

Targeting a profession every month is a good project that a member of your staff is able to take care of. It won't necessarily blow the phones up but it is a great way to ensure your community is familiar with you.

#6   - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Lunch and Learn Program

Reach out to local companies, then offer them free lunch and valuable advice. This is a program that will pay dividends if you enjoy public speaking.

#5 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Lead Boxes

By strategically setting up lead boxes throughout your city offering a free service, you will be able to attract warm leads that will be receptive to your services. This program works especially well for new lawyers.

4 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Client Appreciation

A Client Appreciation Day doesn't have to be a tedious endeavor. Set a schedule to where every couple of months, one of your staff members is in charge of ordering a set of supplies and follow through on a plan.

#3 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Office Feel

As a new client, there's nothing quite like entering an office and instantly feeling comfortable in its' ambiance. Having your client be comfortable in your office improves the chances you'll be seeing them again.

#2 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Office Pamphlets

Office pamphlets are a convenient way to educate your clients and give them resources that will keep them informed while easily having your contact information on hand should they decide to contact you with any questions.

Print Your Brochures

#1 - Lawyer Marketing Idea

Lawyer Website

A conversion-optimized website is the best way to book new clients for a lawyer. Check out our latest lawyer website designs and take your office's online presence to the next level!

See our Lawyer Websites